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Yoga and Gym as an Alternative Medicine

Physical activity plays very important in day today life due to changing in eating lifestyle. Now a days everyone is getting conscious about their weight their figure especially teenagers, girls are concentrating on zero size figure and boys gaining weight for muscular body and abs as that of bollywood actors. To achieve that they are ready to do workout some opt yoga and some of them go for gym. Both Yoga and Gym plays an important role in losing weight and getting desirable figure or structure.

Yoga and Gym as an Alternative Medicine - Indiansite

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Each one has its own benefits we can’t say which one is better than other. So what is yoga? Actually it is a practice of doing workout and asanas with the help of knowing techniques without the requirements of specially designed machines. It was developed by ancient Indian Hindu saints with an aim to keep their body and mind fit for spiritual lifestyle and enlightenment, to control emotions and yoga can be simply sitting in home, no need to go outside, no need of machines which is obviously costly according to designs, not everyone can afford gym expenses monthly and spending precious time going there and tend to bunk gym because of distance and weather. No specific place requires, yoga can do anywhere.

Yoga and Gym as an Alternative Medicine - Indiansite

In yoga basically there is proper knowledge of doing is required it helps to increases flexibility relieve constipation, for proper blood circulation, control fickle mind and emotions too. Practising yoga changes your mind it changes the way you approach life , your body and eating also helps in changing mind towards surroundings and the most important thing is Yoga helps in losing weight and lot of calories at a time without any equipment and yoga can be different every day if one have proper knowledge .

This seems very right in the expert point of view. In yoga mind and body can be unite this allow you to move with ease, help to focus and make you calm and give power to reduce stress and most important is anyone can perform yoga whether adult or youngster, poor and rich but on the other hand joining gym is difficult for poor and the old ones but it became a trend for both girls and boys to join gym. As gym helps in reduction of weight from particular body part but on the other hand yoga helps in reduction of overall weight, increases flexibility and prevent the chances of getting injured.

Yoga and Gym as an Alternative Medicine - Indiansite

While gym is a kind of entertainment too as you met new people there, arrangement of music, spa, aerobics and massage are the sort of things which increase the standard and seem better than yoga as new era of show off but both have their benefits and harm. It is quite difficult to testify or assign pros and cons to both forms of exercises so easily. As both play same important role in getting in shape and physical fitness.  Both are aimed for some different purposes and designed by well thought and analysis.

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