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Yoga for Glowing and Radiant Skin!

Life in the 21st century is not as easy as it seems. The world of gadgets is also the world of toxins and pollutants. Everything that surrounds us is a pool of toxins. From the food we eat or the water we drink, each and every product is polluted. It is, thus, very important to cleanse our systems to get rid of these and what better than yoga?

Sanatan Kriya, the Ageless Dimension is a book which lists all the toxic sources that are present all around us in our day-to-day lives. This book suggests that getting rid of toxins can be a comparatively easy task if we know the correct methods. The damaged cells in our body are struggling and they take up more energy, eventually causing death. Dying cells cause faster aging of the body and skin.

Yoga for Glowing and Radiant skin! - Indiansite

To maintain the youthful radiance and glow, Yogi Ashwini has suggested the practice of Sanatan Kriya by which we can thoroughly cleanse our system. Consumption of saline/salt water elongates the cell life and helps them rejuvenate in a toxin free environment.

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The Vedic technique of Laghu Shankh Prakshalan has also been using the properties of saline water since long.

LAGHU SHANKH PRAKSHALAN: Take 8 glasses of lukewarm water and mix in it 2 tablespoons of rock salt. You are to drink 2 glasses of water at one go and repeat this set of mentioned asanas seven times each for best results.

TAADASANA: Stand up straight with your hands stretched high up above your head and slowly lift your heels. Inhale fresh air at this time. Exhale the air while returning.

TEERYAK TAADASANA: Stand up straight with your hands stretched high above your head. Inhale air while you bend your waist from side to side, first right then left. Return to the initial position while exhaling. 

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KATI CHAKRASANA: Standing straight place your right hand on your left shoulder and left hand at the back, on your hips. Twist from one side to the other while you inhale fresh air. Do not forget to simultaneously change the hands. Exhale air when returning.

TEERYAK BHUJANG ASANA: Lie flat on the stomach. Relax and place your hands with the palms on the floor. Inhale air and raise your upper torso and twist your waist first right and then to the left. Return back to the initial position while breathing out.

UDARAKARSHAN ASANA: For this exercise, start by sitting on your haunches. While inhaling air, push your right knee onto the floor, close to where the left toe is, while twist your body to the left side. In the same breath, turn to the other side switching between the two knees. Breath out the air while returning back.

You are supposed to consume 2 glasses of the lukewarm water each time you repeat the set. At last, you will be left with the final 2 glasses of water and after the consumption, lie yourself in relaxed shavasana.

This kriya will clear out most of the toxins in your body and help you feel light all throughout the day. Perform this carefully and ask some expert to guide you in the initial days.

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