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Visa cancellation, things you must know

Again international students in Australia on news for number of student visa cancellations. For student such news and happenings are turmoil for career and future. For international student such visa is the first step toward Permanent Residency as well as better future in Australia. Failing to maintain visa conditions and maintain academic requirements invites such disaster in life. After news on student visa cancellation we meet an experienced migration agent Sanjay Deshwal and discussed about such happening here is a video, describes the whole matter…
You can find answers of these questions in this video:

Why student visa got cancelled?

What student must do if they get visa cancellation notice?

Students change their primary course once they came in Australia, do it cause visa cancellation?

What are the steps and thing student must consider changing courses?

Why large number for Indian students got visa cancelled?

Low attendance & High working hours puts your visa in danger

Student visa is first step for PR…

Who is this migration agent and how he can help you

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