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Vin Diesel On Why Action Movies Are Not Recognized!

Vin Diesel On Why Action Movies Are Not Recognized!Vin Diesel’s visit to India was a big event for all and now all that is left to see is how the movie performs on the big screen. All through his visit the star was surrounded with paparazzi to know about just anything. Amongst all this there an important question popped up which definitely was latent only that it has not been discussed till now. The question was why action movies are not given that much importance as others when it comes to awards and recognition.

Vin Diesel gave a fitting reply and we all are floored by the wit.

Vin Diesel On Why Action Movies Are Not Recognized!

He said, “I don’t think Oscars have gotten around to processing the fact that performers in action films can give performances.  There is a prejudice there.  I remember working with a director called Sidney Lumet on a film called Find me Guilty and he talked about that prejudice.  He would often say there is a prejudice against beautiful women in Hollywood and that beautiful women would be less likely to get accolades.”

He added, “The  term didn’t exist and it was something that came out in the 80s with Arnold and Sly( Sylvester Stallone).  So it’s  a relatively new term.  I don’t think Oscars have caught up to that yet.  So they still maintain a little prejudice.  So it’s kind of preposterous because what other movie would make you feel like Furious 7 did? However, I don’t make my movies for accolades.  I make my movies for people.  I don’t carry an elitist approach to movies.  I make my movies for everyone.  And I want to offer an escapism to everyone.  Not take an elitist approach like the Oscar so often does.”

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Vin Diesel On Why Action Movies Are Not Recognized!

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