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5 Additional Points Will be Added to Point Test if You Have a Degree in Any of The 21 Subjects in Australia!

5 Additional Points Will be Added to Point Test if You Have a Degree in Any of The 21 Subjects in Australia! - Indiansite

If you are willing to pursue your higher education or research work in Australia, here is an important piece of information for you. International students are eligible for 5 extra points towards their point test if you have graduated with any one of the mentioned 21 subjects. This comes off as a huge advantage for those who are planning their ...

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Australia’s Economic Growth is Powered By International Students: UBS

Australia is certainly witnessing economic growth, but according to the UBS Australian economics team, this is growth is particularly fueled by the large inflow of international students each year in Australia. Below is a nifty chart compiled by UBS that looks at the composition of Australian population growth over the past four decades, looking specifically at the impact of net ...

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Australian Universities to Implement Tougher Screening Methods on International Students

Following previous allegations of fraud amongst student visa applications, the universities are now set to implement even tougher screening measures on international students. Fearing downrating on admitting mediocre students, international students shall be thoroughly screened by Australian universities and will turn them down in case they do not meet their academic standards. Nisidhar Borra, director of a foreign education consultancy ...

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Things you should know about Australia before moving there to study!

Australia has a reputation of a beautiful and peaceful country around the world. If you wish to move there to study, here are some important things about Australia that you must know. Accommodation Real estate agents manage most of the rent sales and agreements in Australia. Finding a suitable location in capital cities can be tough and a little competitive ...

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Essential tips for International students migrating to Australia

Essential tips for International students migrating to Australia-Indiansite

Migrating to any country for studies is a major step towards building your career. International students tend to have too many questions as to how to adjust themselves properly in the new country. What are the things that are essential to keep in mind while planning to study in a new country? Australia attracts thousands of students worldwide for its ...

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Underpayed International Students: Rising Concern In Australia

Underpayment has always been a terrifying point of concern for the International Student. What’s worse is that it is not just limited to Multinational Companies- it’s rife in the hospitality industry, retail, and cleaning. 7-Eleven was in the news last year for systemic exploitation of students, and while Australians were left appalled, the community of international students was not surprised ...

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Don’t Plug In & Tune Out! International Students Safety’s Think Before

The staple of personal music came with the invention of the Walkman in the early 1980s. It revolutionized the way people consumed media that involves audio. The concept of a personal stereo has since become so commonplace that most people cannot move through their day without their earphones in. Young people especially seem to have a higher usage of their ...

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International Student from India Attacked in Melbourne

International Student from India Attacked in Melbourne - Indiansite

It was  just recently that five Indian-origin school boys were attacked by a group of African teenagers in the Western suburb of Melbourne. And again, a similar kind of situation arose when an Indian International student was attacked brutally. Ranjeet Sidhu, the victim who also works as a security guard, was attacked by a Caucasian man on Monday. Ranjeet was ...

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Australia In Brief And A Check-List For International Students

Australia In Brief And A Check-List For International Students - Indiansite

Before coming to Australia there are certain things that you should know about Australia. Australia is going to be a lot different, it is, after all, world’s sixth largest country. Australia also known as Aussie or Oz is an Island continent made up of eight states and territories. The six states of Australia are as follows: Queensland, Western Australia, New ...

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Tips To Create The Best  Resume

Tips To Create The Best  Resume - Indiansite

While applying for a job there are two things that matter the most. Your personality and your  résumé. Initially, it is your  résumé which does all the talking and then it is your personality which handles the latter part. It is therefore not only important to build a strong personality but also a strong CV. Now, if you are looking ...

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