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Plastic Is Covering Australia At An Alarming Rate

How many of us buy most of the basic-and-daily-required things from the supermarket? How many of us use those fancy shopping bags to carry these things away? How many of us give a second thought to these shopping bags? And how many of us finally, have actually recycled these bags that are primarily made up of plastic? Well to answer ...

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39 Indians Shot Dead, ISIS Involved

ISIS is not a new concept for us. We all have had seen glimpses of their brutal and unjust ways. It was two years back in June 2014, when forty Indians workers were abducted by the ISIS in Iraq. Most of these Indian workers were from Punjab. While Indian Government maintains that all of these workers are alive, one says ...

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Australian Startup ‘Pollinate Energy’ Lighting Hundreds of Life In India

Australian Startup 'Pollinate Energy' Lighting Hundreds of Life In India - Indiansite

A noble initiative by Pollinate energy. India is a diverse country which has amazed thousands and thousands of people with its rich culture and intricate history. Even though the country takes proud of what it has established, there are still things that lurk in the dark and hinders country’s development. One of the major issues that the country faces is ...

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Withholding Paid Parental Leave Fund Lands Indian-Origin Employer In Court

Withholding Paid Parental Leave Fund Lands Indian-Origin Employer In Court - Indiansite

Parental leave funds are a compulsion in Australia. However, it seems as if some people have forgotten this simple fact. A recent case highlighted the very same problem. A female employee, who also happens to be a 487 Skilled Regional Sponsored visa holder, was deprived of her parental leave funds, an amount of more than $11,000. The reason behind this ...

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Indian Origin, 12-Year Old Girl, Selected As ABC’s Rookie Reporter

Indian Origin, 12-Year Old Girl, Selected As ABC's Rookie Reporter - Indiansite - Maya

Working at twelve? Sounds insane but this is exactly what happened with Sydney-based Maya. The Indian-originated,12-year-old girl hit it big when she got selected as ABC3’s BTN (Behind the News’) Rookie Reporter. She will be covering the 2016 Federal elections, joining ABC as an on-the-spot political reporter. She will be delivering her first news story on June 13 during ABC3’s ...

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Melbourne Sees Rainbow Coffee As The New Trend

Melbourne Sees Rainbow Coffee As The New Trend - Indiansite

Coffee…a drink that acts as a savior for many. Caffeine is what keeps many of us going on. It helps us pull all-nighters as well as tolerate our teacher or boss the very next morning. They are no less than our personal knight in the shining armor. What’s more? Add Melbourne to this addicting cup of delight. The result? You ...

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Whale Watching Season Is Here!

Whale Watching Season Is Here! - Indiansite

Australia is known for its unique wildlife and exotic beaches. The aquatic wildlife of Australia has fascinated many and continues to do so. Amongst the wide range of wildlife, thanks to all the water surrounding Australia, it is a home to many whales and dolphins. Whales can easily be classified in the category of dangerous aquatic species but in reality, ...

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7 Sins of the Modern World

Everyone has heard of the 7 deadly sins ! But what most may not know is that the modern civilization has been very successful in creating what we believe, are a new set of sins which are much more complex in nature and often go unnoticed. They are: 1) MANIPULATION Manipulation, in whichever way it is practiced, is not right. ...

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Requirements for applying in an Australian Company

People migrating to Australia have increased in recent years. Australia is among the most developed countries in the world. Its  economy system has grown significantly in last fifteen years majorly with the components like trade, manufacturing , services and finance. Australia is a country where they offer competitive salaries to skilled workers which helps them to live comfortably without struggling. ...

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Your Screen Size Affects Data Usage

When considering buying a smartphone, we not only resort to base our decision on iOS or Android OS but consider that the bigger the phone, the better it is. Thus, one of the major factors we drool upon is the screen size. But there turns out to be a correlation between the square inches of your screen and the amount ...

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