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Surprising Facts About Music

Listening to your favorite music when you are sad is something that you must be doing quite often. But did you know that music can have various far reaching effects beyond simply pepping you up that can actually improve your health and well being? Here are some scientifically proven facts that show just how important music is and how much it can affect our mental health.

1. Improves verbal IQ: Playing a musical instrument can boost visual and verbal skills development apart from obviously improving musical abilities. A study by Forgeard et al in 2008 notes that, children receiving musical training developed higher cognition and visual perception, than those with no musical training

2. Singing together brings us together: In a study conducted with Finnish pupils in 2009, it was noted that participating in group musical activities helps build solidarity and feeling of “oneness”. Lead researcher Päivi-Sisko Eerola, explains,“Singing in a choir and ensemble performance are popular activities at extended music classes. Other studies have established that people find it very satisfying to synchronize with one another. That increases affiliation within the group and may even make people like each other more than before.”

Surprising Facts About Music - Indiansite

3. Music can decrease threat of heart disease: Music has been proven to bring down stress and anxiety levels and is often used as a therapy for heart patients. It can also be used as a preventive of heart problems.

4. Sad music can also make you happy: According to a study by Kawakami et al. (2013), sad music can be cathartic and boost happy feelings in the listener by creating a mix of positive and negative emotions.

Surprising Facts About Music - Indiansite

5. Music has color: People associate colors with the music they listen to. The colors associated with different types of music vary across cultures. However, the colors symbolize emotions and thus make it easier for us to choose the kind of music we want to listen to depending on our emotions and moods.

6. Babies prefer music over speech: Infants respond better to music than speech and show an understanding of rhythm right from their birth. This simply goes to show how vitally connected music is to the human mind.

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