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Student Visa Cancelled for Plagiarism

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International students in Australia can lose their Australian Student Visa on the ground of plagiarizing assignments. A case of visa cancellation and appeal against Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) shows Australian student visa may cancel if a student does not work properly on their University or College Assignments.

An international student from Pakistan got his visa cancelled for plagiarism. Identified as Shaheryar Khan, a student in a business school in Melbourne has lost his visa for plagiarizing assignments. The case came to the surface when he appealed against visa cancellation blaming education provider because they didn’t warn him on his plagiarism deeds and checked his assignments giving good results.

The student was studying in Technical Education Development Institute in Melbourne. His visa cancelled in June last year and he had appealed against the decision to cancel his visa by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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Student Visa Cancelled for Plagiarism - Indiansite
Student Visa Holder in Australia must satisfy DIBP with good standing on their study.

A student visa may be cancelled on the ground of failing to maintain academic integrity. According to Australian student visa conditions an international student must have sound academic progress in study. If a student fails in a course repetitively probably loses student visa. In such cases, education provider expels a student from a course before DIBP cancels student visa.

According to a report published in The Australian, the student Shaheryar Khan, an international student from Pakistan has told he has received competent grades for his assignments and none of his assessors had told him assignments are not genuine. According to DIBP, all of his assignments were directly copied from Internet sources without any attribution. In Australia plagiarism is the serious offense of an academic misconduct, in this ground university can withdraw degree rewarded to a student in anytime.

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Last year more than 10,000 student visa cancelled and in current fiscal year, DIBP has already cancelled 9250 student visas in last seven months till March this year.

For international students, their visa condition 8202 is related your course, according to which student must be enrolled in a registered course. Not only enrollments they have to achieve satisfactory course progress as determined by the education provider (university or college) and have satisfactory attendance (in most of the cases 80% attendance).

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