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SIX conditions for international Student in Australia

Migration is universal human activity seeking for better life, education as well as career option. Migration happened from the dawn of human civilization and now in 21st century it’s on the peak of its. Not only had the people of developing and developing countries but from developed ones too seeking migration for better life option. There are couples of way for migration but now a day popular is studying abroad, with clear and straightforward roadmap with three phase educated, empowered and settle in new society.

SIX conditions for international Student in Australia
SIX conditions for international Student in Australia

For the world Australia became prime destination to study and settle at this time. Students, Professionals as well as business minded people are choosing Australia for their further study, profession and business. For international students there are couples of reasons behind choosing Australia for further education. Australian education leads them toward better future in Australia and elsewhere in the world along with opportunity to live and work in Aussie land in other hand they can manage tuition fee working during as well as in holidays.

But international students must comply those visa conditions entitled with visa grant decision, if not they have to face cancellation of their visa. Here we are discussing SIX visa conditions which student must comply:


Work Limitations

Your visa condition 8105 limits your working hours. Student visa holders must not engage themselves in work more than 40 hours in a fortnight if your study or training is in session and must not start working before your course commence. Another major thing is in Australia fortnight is calculated as 14 days commencing on a Monday. The same condition applies for the secondary visa holder (spouse) of the student BUT condition is slightly flexible for Masters by coursework and research students. Masters student’s spouse and research student can work fulltime.

Attendance, Enrollment & Progress

You visa condition 8202 is related your course, according to this condition you must be enrolled in a registered course for which your visa granted. Not only enrollments you have to achieve satisfactory course progress as determined by the education provider (your university or college) and have satisfactory attendance (in most of cases 80% attendance).


Condition 8501 on your visa is about your health cover. You must have adequate arrangement for health insurance during your stay and study in Australia.

SVP & Eligibility

The condition 8516 enforces you to maintain eligibility to satisfy the criteria of the visa that you grant. Students who got visa through the Streamline Visa Processing cannot change their course and education provider in first six month of their primary courses. And to comply the visa status must remain in SVP listed education provider until 1 year.

Arrangements for Schooling

If you have children with you during your study and stay in Australia according to visa condition 8517 you have to arrange and maintain adequate schooling for their school-age dependants.

Update information

8533 condition on your visa makes you compulsory to update your new address to your education provider. If you changed your address within 7 days you have to update your address information to University and another thing if you are changing course or education provider you have to inform University or college after getting electronic Confirmation of Enrolment certificate from new education provider.

Note: these are the snapshot of your visa condition (higher education 573. Please check your visa condition with IMMI website http://www.immi.gov.au/students/visa-conditions-students.htm
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