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Migration Agents And Their Need

Immigration is a tedious process. Lodging an application along with all the required documents may sound an easy task but in all honesty, it isn’t. These applications call for utmost attention and cannot be taken for granted. Many migrants due to this sole reason opt for migration agents. So here are a few facts about migration agents that you need to know about before choosing one for yourself.

  1. Is opting for migration agents a compulsion?

Migration Agents And Their Need - Indiansite

Appointing a migration agent is not a compulsion. Immigration Departments accept all applications irrespective of who lodges them. Many applications can be lodged online and procedures for lodging is also available on Department’s website.

Migration agents are opted to make the whole migrating procedure easy and as quick as possible. Some cases due to their complexity may call for advice by someone experienced. Migration agents make sure that all work is done on time and with the correct procedure. They are meant to guide you in the best way possible.

  1. How to choose the best migration agents?

Migration Agents And Their Need - Indiansite

In Australia, migration agents are registered with the office of MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). While choosing a migration agent you should make sure that the agent is registered with the office of MARA. It ensures your protection.

The experience of the agent also matters. It ensures that the agent is very much reliable, aware of all the laws and has dealt with many cases before.

  1. Where to find registered migration agents?

Migration Agents And Their Need - Indiansite

The website of the office of the MARA has a list of all the registered agents. You can easily search for an agent over there. You will even get all the basic details of the agent on the website.

The website also provides you with the information on how to choose an agent, the cost associated with the agents, different obligations, complaints regarding agents, sanctioned and lapsed agents.

  1. What does the Department do in relation to your appointed migration agent?

Migration Agents And Their Need - Indiansite

Once you have chosen an agent, your agent will then write to the Department to notify the Department of their appointment. Department will then communicate to your agent regarding your application. If you withdraw the appointment of your migration agent, the news has to be notified to the Department.

You can also make complaints regarding your migration agents, if any, to the office of the MARA.

  1. Why should you appoint registered agents?

Migration Agents And Their Need - Indiansite

The office of the MARA only communicates with the registered agents. You can make complaints only about registered agents with the office of the MARA.

Office of the MARA takes no responsibility of the unregistered agents. There is risk involved with the unregistered agents. Registered agents may seem expensive but they are completely secure and saves you from any kind of scams.

You can lodge applications yourself with some advice only. However, the best option is to seek experienced advice throughout the process. It saves time and all the transactions are done smoothly. All you need to do is choose wisely and stay aware.

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