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Letter To The Professor Who Said I Was Nothing

Letter To The Professor Who Said I Was Nothing

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I am pretty sure you haven’t realised it yet – or maybe you have and you enjoy it nonetheless – you made my life hell for the three years you taught me. No – you TRIED to make my life hell. But it did not end up being hell because I had emotional support from my friends and moral support from other teachers.

But you tried your best. And at the time I didn’t really understand why you targeted me. Because I didn’t see any reason. My friends said that maybe it was because I didn’t speak the language or maybe I talked to the opposite sex outside the class or maybe as you put it once – I was “too smart”.

All these things made me afraid – I am going to admit that. I wasn’t afraid at first. At first, I was rebellious. But when I realised to what extent you could screw up my grades I grew fearful of you. I knew that it would hurt my career in a way. And deep inside I knew you could not be reasoned with. That’s why in my last academic year I conformed to all your whims and fantasies.

Letter To The Professor Who Said I Was Nothing

I didn’t utter a word in class even though I had a thousand doubts in my head, stayed “not too smart” and double checked my assignments to remove any small error that might be there. I submitted my assignments on time – not because I was disciplined but because of fear.

But I still ended up with screwed up internals in your subject even after – in students’ parlance – “I licked your ass”.

What you wanted came true – I suffered through my years I spent as a student under you. I cried in my bed when all my friends were asleep. My hands ached after writing assignments overnight and most of all – people asked me in interviews why I scored so low in my internal exams?

In some places, I simply did not make the cut.

And as I sit here as an adult working professionally I ponder as to why you acted the way you did. Maybe you had trouble back at home and you released your frustration at us. Maybe back when you were a student you hated classmates who were just like me. Maybe back then they behaved with you badly. Or maybe you don’t like where I came from. Or simply because you are just a hateful person.

Sugandh Ratan

Sugandh Ratan

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Sugandh Ratan

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