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Know About 8 Fragrance Hacks!

We all have our favorite scents and perfumes and we try our very best for it to last longer. But, most of the time the scent fades away in no less than just a few minutes. Even the best ones last for an hour max. We have compiled for you different hacks that will make you smell awesome for longer periods of time.

Know About 8 Fragrance Hacks! - Indiansite

  • Store the perfume in an optimum place. Keep the bottles away from excessive heat and light and even extreme temperatures. The extremities will destroy the quality of the perfume. We advise you to store them in dry and cool places with no inflammable substances around.
  • Apply scents just after you have taken a shower. This will make the fragrance last much longer. After the shower, your body will absorb the scent better.
  • Spray the scent on your hair. This is one of the most popular hacks available on the internet today. Spraying your hair with your favorite scent and then brushing through it will keep you smelling fresh all day. Just make sure to not spray directly from a close distance. The alcohol in the fragrance bottle might end up damaging your hair.
  • Moisturized skin hold any fragrance longer than dry skin. This means, you must apply a thin layer of unscented Moisturizer before spraying any perfume.
  • Spraying on your pulse points is a long known trick. This is a must know for all because it works wonders.  Spray on your wrists, neck, inside your elbows and behind your knee. Keep smelling your best all day.
  • Do not rub your wrists together after you have sprayed perfume or any scent on them. This will end up in breaking the perfume down and it’ll wear away faster.
  • Down to the last few drops of your favorite scent? Instead of struggling to spray it on your wrist just add them to your favorite unscented moisturizer. You have moisture locked in with your favorite smell. Amazing, right?
  • If you want all your clothes to smell amazing once you take them out of your closet, the best tip is to keep a tissue with your favorite fragrance sprayed on it in between your clothes. This will ensure that you get a fresh burst of scent every time you pull out a piece of clothing.
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