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Katy Perry’s New Rio Olympics Video: “Rise” Above It All!

Katy Perry’s New Rio Olympics Video: “Rise” Above It All! - IndiansitePerry released her fearless video for the 2016 Olympics anthem “Rise” on the 4th of August 2016, showing the strength, grit, and determination of an Olympian. The Roar singer gives us a literal interpretation of struggle, conquering fear, and perseverance, especially if the fear includes one of heights- literal as well as figurative ones.

“Through the blood, sweat (lots of it), and tears, we keep rising,” Perry tweeted.

Katy is seen braving the elements with an unshakeable will in the video for the Rio Olympics 2016 theme song, traveling through desert rocks and waters and climbing walls to “Rise” above while attempting to get her parachute going.

It is set in various locations, from an abandoned-looking rusty old hangar to the mountainous, red sandstone-dotted Snow Canyon and Sand Hollow State Parks in Utah and in water. Perry is tethered to a pink parachute as she makes her way through the scenic locales.

The strings and parachute hold her back, yet she still continues to try to propel herself forward, mirroring her lyrics. “Victory is in my veins,” she sings on the empowering tune, “I’ll fight it, I’ll fight it/ I will transform.” In the end, Perry does indeed rise as she floats skyward when the parachute eventually takes flight.

There are also suggestions that the video is slightly autobiographical and that the parachute symbolizes Katy’s obstacles in her personal life and her career both.

The single was released July 14, serving as a reminder to — as Perry stated — “rise above the fear” and how the upcoming Olympic games will showcase the athletes’ “strength and fearlessness, to remind us how we ALL can come together.”

The Paul Gore-directed video was premiered on Thursday during NBC’s Rio Olympics Preview Special. The song also serves as the soundtrack for the network’s Olympics coverage.

You can watch her in the inspiring “Rise” video here:

How did you like Katy Perry’s new video and what does breaking free and rising mean to you? Tell us in the comments section below!


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