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Improve 3 things to get job in Sydney

This is world’s expensive city, where you cannot easily find a job that covers your whole living expenses. It is not an easy task to find job in Sydney, sometimes you feel frustrated. For international student being jobless or unemployed is a disaster here. Legally international students can work 20 hours in a week. But it’s very hard (in some case impossible) to cover all weekly expenses what you generate working those hours. It may take you one week or whole year to find a job for you, which perfectly fits your aim and skills. Market is very competitive here, where you have to compete with lots of people who are gathered from each corner of the world.

Searching job in Sydney

Here I am discussing the main three things you have to improve to get in Sydney:

1. Network

It is the first and foremost thing to get job in Sydney. You need to establish as well as improve relations with employers or head hunters. Reference is the most effective way to get job here. Most of organization or shops or restaurants or employer hire people (head) based on reference of local people (not always means Australian locals) who are working there (with potential employer). Personal relationships and references help you to get a job or built a network with employers or head hunters. So, if you are searching job in Sydney maintain good relations with relatives, friends and people from your country probably their help or reference works.

2. Language

Language is another thing you must have to improve to be employed here. If English is not your first language it will be little bit tough to get job or understand Sydney people. Certainly it will take some time to understand Australian way of talking and slang. Australian accent is quite different from which you are familiar. If you have good English skill verbal and written you can get job easily.

3. Skill

Experience or skill is an important factor to get a job in Australia. Australian employer or head hunters always prefer skilled people, no matter where they from. If you do not have two things which are mentioned above you still can patch up the situation with your skills. If you meet the preferred skill from employer you can get job easily. Develop relevant skill before applying for the job, trials and voluntary (unpaid) works are ideal to improve or learn desired skill.

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Madan Mani,currently studying M. Tech. (Software Engineering) in Federation University, Australia, holds Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.
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