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First Female Leader Of South Korea : The Lonely Struggle

The South Korean legislators voted to impeach President Park Geun-hye. After months of bickering over clout- hawking denunciation, designating the breakdown of the strongest bureaucratic empire of the country.

First Female Leader Of South Korea : The Lonely Struggle - Indiansite

“When I was just 22 years old, I assumed the unprecedented duties as our country’s acting First Lady. That was because I had the responsibility to fill the void left by my mothers’ death at the hands of a North Korean terrorist.” Park said when she won the topmost place in the 2012 election. 

She said, “National partition is a sorrow which touches all Koreans, but for me it brought to the fore unimaginable personal suffering.”

“When I thought I had lost all hope, however, I chose to rise above my agony and pain and I tried with all my heart to fulfill my duties when the eyes of Koreans were upon me”

Park Geun-hye has apologized many times and on her face one could see outright demureness but for keeping mastery over the people around her. 

She has now dissociated with that relation on which she has relied on for around four decades, Choi Soon-sil. 

Choi Soon-sil is arraigned of governing two funds and also compelling the organizations to bequeath dollars worth millions on the basis of her proximity to the President.  

Park denied being a part of this, but the accuser isn’t agreeing with the same! So she i impeached and in accordance to a survey, about 78% of people backed personally, her impeachment.  

Park has always been alone after her father was killed. 

Her mother was assassinated when she was young and then was made the First Lady. Later her father was also killed in the political war. Park is unmarried, so doesn’t have a husband or any children to rely on or to hare her things with. She had this friend, who broke her trust and with whom she’s cut out with now.

Park was really close to her father!

First Female Leader Of South Korea : The Lonely Struggle - Indiansite

Park is a talented woman who learned Chinese on her own in her free time and knows the languages like Spanish and English. Most probably she might now be knowing what was coming on her way. Well.. she needs to remain strong!

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