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First day Kabali! Make way the king is coming!!

First day Kabali! Make way the king is coming!! - Indiansite

Today, as the much awaited movie of Rajnikanth “Kabali” released, the response received from the public has completely left all star struck. The shows for the movie started as early as 3 a.m and not necessary to mention at all, all were sold out! The ticket price soaring as high as Rs.500. The day was declared a holiday in the state of Tamil Nadu and Bangalore city. Till now, the total collection has been more than 35 crores INR and counting.

Kabali stars Radhika Apte as Rajinikanth’s love interest and Dhaniska as his daughter. Thus giving this movie even more response and attracting a lot of attention from the north as well. Talking about the south of India, the occupancy registered till now has ranged from 80 to 90 percentage while in north it is between 50-70.

First day Kabali! Make way the king is coming!! - Indiansite

Seeing this amazing response and the chart numbers ensuring this movie to become one of the greatest hits, Rajinikanth’s son in law took over the twitter by tweeting “Make way. The king arrives. Time to celebrate. First day first show. Superstar ‘Neruppu Da’.”

The market pundits are very positive about this movie and with the weekend coming up, the numbers are bound to touch sky heights. TamilBoxOffice1.com has been quiet active on twitter and some of its tweets:

  • “#Kabali Reported Premier BO – North America – $1,922,995; UK – £93,835; France – 41,280 €; Total: $2,091,326 [₹ 14.03 Cr].”
  • “With $1.45M Premier Gross so far #Kabali’s officially All-Time #1 Premier grosser in the US beating #Baahubali @superstarrajini”.

US distributor Cine Galaxy of “Kabali” has also tweeted “#Kabali @ $1,317,288 as of 4 pm EST Heading towards a record premiere day.”

Now, even going by these numbers, it is clear that Kabali has emerged as the clear winner – Bahubali earned $1,382,076 from its US premiere while Salman Khan’s Sultan brought in $786,194.

Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted about his feelings after watching this movie as “unprecedented euphoria”. First day Kabali! Make way the king is coming!! - Indiansite

Industry analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted “Countdown for hugely-awaited #Kabali begins… UNPRECEDENTED craze for #Rajinikanth starrer… All set for an EARTH-SHATTERING start at BO.”

This reaction is quiet much supported by the fact that the movie release in over 12000 screens including Malaysia and US. Adding to this is the fact that box office collections are not the only source of income for Kabali. Many corporate deals are already finalized for whooping numbers of more than 300 crores INR.

Sugandh Ratan

Sugandh Ratan

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