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DIY and The Millennial Consumer

In the past “DIY” or “Do it yourself” activities were typically associated with grandmas, be it crocheted sweaters or patchwork quilts. But today the biggest followers of the DIY trend are the millennials between the age of 20-35 years. Encompassing everything from home décor to gift articles, the DIY trend has boosted the crafting industry’s turnover by billions of dollars. DIY-ers are combining technology, creativity and entrepreneurship brilliantly to undertake more and more projects.

DIY and The Millennial Consumer - Indiansite

So what is DIY all about? Basically, “do it yourself-ers” are people who simply want to learn how to make things on their own rather than buying them ready-made off the shelfs. To do so, they consult instructional websites, blogs or videos on the internet that give detailed explanations and tutorials for making or building stuff at home.

DIY and The Millennial Consumer - Indiansite

Today, there are entire communities of such people who share their hobbies and learn from each other.
The DIY trend has particularly hit home for products and services that tend to be overpriced in the market. The biggest example of this is stationery craft articles and beauty treatments. Along with making their own greeting cards and book marks, people have also started to tweeze their own eyebrows, do their own make and even cut their own hair. In this regard, home décor also deserves a worthy mention as stores like Ikea revolutionise home furnishing.

DIY and The Millennial Consumer - Indiansite

What has also increased is the solidarity amongst people, with communities of DIY-ers cropping up everywhere online in the form of interactive video sessions, forums, chat rooms and even physical meeting sites called “Makerspaces”. According to millennial marketing strategist Jeff Fromm, the popularity of the DIY trend amongst millennials is indicative of their “desire for active participation, individual customization and experiential value”. If this is to be considered true, the DIY trend can prove to be an eye opener for industries to strategize their product designing in a way to attract the millennial consumer.

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