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Dear Zindagi’s New Song is Out, and We Can’t Get Over it!

Dear Zindagi's New Song is Out, and We Can't Get Over it! - Indiansite

Dear Zindagi has chosen a very distinct promotion technique. Instead of releasing full-fledged trailer of the movie, they are serving immensely intriguing and brief takes to us. Besides that, they also released the title song ‘Love you Zindagi’ which is so addicting that it’s almost impossible to not let its tune get stuck in your mind. However, it seems like Dear Zindagi has lots of peculiar and amazing songs in its kitty.

Today, a new song of the movie has been released and we can’t stop listening to it over and over again. Sung by the extremely talented, Sunidhi Chauhan, ‘Just Go To Hell Dil’ is demonstrating a lovelorn Alia Bhatt. Every person who has gone through a heartbreak can relate to the video quite easily. After all, a broken heart is a universal feeling.

In the video, Alia Bhatt is tossing on the bed, as she tries to sleep. But uncontrollable tears start rolling down her eyes. She seems really depressed and low in certain sections of the songs while other scenes show her as an angry and frustrated person, as she screams at the top of her lungs and breaks glass jars. We have to say that Alia Bhatt has grown a lot as an actor. She has started showing the emotions through her expressive face, and her acting hooked us to the video.

The video also features Kunal Kapoor, so it seems like he is the guy who has broken Alia Bhatt’s heart in the movie. Ali Bhatt seems enamored by him, and we don’t blame her. But the love affair might have proved fatal for Alia, as she is seen locking herself up and pondering. Oh, the side effects of a breakup! The role has fully consumed Alia Bhatt, and she has kept the acting raw and very down-to-earth.

In the final scene, we see Shahrukh Khan coming into Alia Bhatt’s life. He seems like the ray of hope who would pull Alia Bhatt out of her miserable life. As he is playing the role of a life coach or mentor of Alia Bhatt, we are sure that Sharukh Khan’s role must be filled with numerous life lessons and bright scenes. In fact, Alia Bhatt is smiling by the end of the video, which is a great contrast to the previous scenes in which she was angry, broken and sad.

Shahrukh Khan’s optimistic charm might just work on Alia and help her to heal her broken heart. Each one of us is quite excited to see Shahrukh Khan doing a simple and ordinary role after a string of hardcore action films which showed him larger than life.

Dear Zindagi is making us impatient with each passing day. The intriguing takes, heart-warming songs and overall positive vibe of the movie are attracting us a lot. We are hoping that the movie is going to match up with our expectations. It is getting released on November 25, 2016. Here is the song!


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