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Confession Of Models On Inside The Industry!

Confession Of Models On Inside The Industry!

We are sure you must have seen the movie Fashion by Madhur Bhandarkar which was based on how actually the fashion industry works from the inside, all the evil just openly spread in front of you! Here are actual statements by some models that is so going to prove it right. Read on…

The awkward party

“After a fashion week in Bengaluru, I headed up to the hotel room where the after-party was supposed to be. Except, as I knocked on the door, I realized everything was strangely quiet. A fellow male model opened the door wearing only a towel and a shocked expression. It might have had something to do with the fact that there were two other models — one male and one female — buck naked in bed behind him.”

The food-loving suitor

“At one particular fashion week, one of the male models tried hitting on me. But here’s the thing – I’m married! The poor guy only discovered that when he added me on Facebook and saw my relationship status. During fittings on the same day, the changing rooms for the female and male models somehow got swapped and I ended up in a very naked boys’ room. Now, you have to understand that nakedness is nothing new for a model, so I simply apologized and turned to leave. That’s when my suitor commented, “Kabhi kabhar chicken bhi khaa liya karo, roz dal chawal khaane mein mazaa thodi na hai?”

Confession Of Models On Inside The Industry!

Cheap, but confident

“A really well-established Delhi designer promised to pay me after the show. The amount wasn’t much back then, but he still refused to pay eventually. Whenever I cross paths with him at events today, he looks right through me and pretends as if nothing ever happened.”

The creep

“I was in my teens when I started to pursue modelling as a career. At one of my first jobs, which had a bedroom set-up, the elderly photographer told me to strip and get under the covers to give the photos a ‘realistic feel’. Being only 17 at the time, it made me extremely uncomfortable.”

Confession Of Models On Inside The Industry!

Sugandh Ratan

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