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Benefits of an Australian Permanent Resident

The new Skilled Occupation List of Australia has released. This list determines which profession can get Australian permanent residency. Let us briefly understand who an Australian permanent resident (PR) is.

Benefits of an Australian Permanent resident - Indiansite

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A non-citizen who holds permanent visa is given the name Australian permanent resident. An Australian PR can enjoy the benefit of education, work, and life without any restrictions. A permanent resident enjoys similar rights as to that of a citizen. However, there are differences too.

If a permanent resident decides to travel internationally, they must have a hold of permanent visa with a valid travel authority if they would like to return to Australia as a PR. On the other hand citizen of Australia has an automatic right of entry.

Citizens can cast vote in Government elections, but most of the Australian PRs cannot. There are contingencies to it, though. If a permanent resident enrolled to vote before 1984, they may be eligible to cast a vote in the elections.

Here are some of the major benefits which an Australian permanent resident can enjoy:

Benefits of an Australian Permanent resident - Indiansite

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Education: Each school system is managed by their respective state government itself. That is both private and public schools which exist, get funding and regulations from their state government. The curriculum in different states and schools may be different, but areas of learning are alike. Even universities are provided with funding by the national government in all states.

Higher Education Loan: Only those who are citizen or holds permanent resident visa of Australia can be eligible to get Higher Education Loan Program under the ‘Higher Education support act 2003’ and may get discount for up-front payments.

Social Security: Only citizens and Australian PR can enjoy services which fall under acts such as the ‘Social Security Act 1991’ and the ‘Social Security (International Agreements) Act 1999’ and associated international social security agreements between Australia and other countries. More advice about eligibility for benefits and can be obtained from the Human Service Department.

Medicare: An Australian permanent resident is eligible to access Australia’s Medicare scheme as defined in the ‘Health Insurance Act 1973’. In some cases even visitors of Australia are eligible to some level of cover through a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between Australia and another country. But Eligibility must be confirmed with the Department of Human Services (Medicare).

Migration sponsorship: Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens can be sponsored by a government for a permanent visa which falls under the act of ‘Migration Regulations 1994’. It is already available for Australian citizens.

These are only some of the benefits enjoyed by a permanent resident. To check the list of SOL click on the link below.


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