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After Graduation: Permanent Residency in Australia!

After graduation: Permanent Residency in Australia! - Migration - IndiansiteIf this is last semester and you are approaching graduation completing your studies in Australia, it’s the perfect time to plan your future in Australia. Most of the Australian graduates can remain in Australia after their study getting Australian Permanent Residency. Though it’s not easy to get Permanent Residency in Australia, one has to pass through tight regulations and procedures.

For an overseas student, getting Australian Student Visa is not only meant you got an opportunity to enter Australia, complete study and earn some experience as well as money here. It’s the best pathway to transform your life and career here in Australia. Australian Student Visa gives you break to debut in your dream career and live quality life here. But, for that one have to plan his living Australia and career goal as per Australian migration scheme. And last semester in Uni is the perfect time to think, plan and take action for Permanent Residency for future living and working in Australia. There are a number of things you should consider during your last semester in university.

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The language requirement is one of the major aspects of permanent residency in Australia. Probably you listen from your buddies it’s not easy to get at least in each band 7 on IELTS and the equivalent on PTE. English proficiency test is essential for all except those who hold UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand passport.

Besides IELTS, Australian Immigration accepts PTE too, so during your last semester first decide which test would be comfortable and take a test, each band 6 in IELTS is a minimum score, and for Temporary graduate 485 visa minimum band score is 5 and overall 6.

After graduation: Permanent Residency in Australia! - Migration - Indiansite

Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

Routing your Australian Permanent Residency through temporary Graduate 485 visa is the best. It’s the best and most straightforward way toward permanent residency in Australia, this visa gives you, at least, one and half year time to remain in Australia. During this time, you can fulfill the requirements for skilled migration such as language requirement, skill assessment as well as gain some industry experience. These are major components in your application for Australian Permanent Residency.

To apply for temporary graduate 485 visa you need to meet at least 96 weeks or 2 years study in Australia and at least 5 each band in IELTS or equivalent.


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Professional Year

For international students Professional Year Program (PYP) has dual benefits first it bridge the gap between university and industry and second they get 5 extra points for skilled migration stream. So the professional year program comes as the second step after completion of a university degree in Australia. The requirement of this program are degree award from an Australian university, 6 and equivalent score on IELTS or another accepted and you need to be on graduate temporary 485 visa. It’s not only for the permanent residency but for your future career in Australia, the program gives you an exposure to industry and local career sector.After graduation: Permanent Residency in Australia! - Migration - Indiansite

Point Assortment

On the pathway to permanent residency from student visa, you have to strengthen your application with your skills and experiences. For a skill independent visa, you don’t require sponsorship but your occupation must be on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). If you have completed your Australian degree from a regional area and hold a job there for at least 12 months you are able to apply for Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). For Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa you need to be sponsored by an eligible relative living in designated area or been nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency. Still your occupation needs to be on relevant skilled occupation list and competent English.

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For skilled independent visa, you have to obtain points as much as you can. To get an invitation for you Expression of Interest (EOI) you will need a minimum 60 points.

  • In point based migration, your age plays a major role, if your age is in between 25 and 32, you would get 30 points and otherwise will lose at least 5 from this.
  • If you complete a professional year program, after completing your degree it adds 5 extra points to your application for permanent residency.
  • If you got NAATI accreditation this will add 5 extra points.
  • And your experience also contributes some points for your migration assessment one year adds 5, three years 10, five years 15 and eight years 20 points.
  • You can also apply for a state nomination to secure your permanent residency in Australia with some more extra point.

To make your permanent residency status in Australia you need to plan properly and seek advice from registered migration agents. You can find all related assistance and idea from Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and follow the migration blog from the department. You can apply permanent residency application on your own too.

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