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6 Foods That Causes Inflammation

1. Saturated Fats – Pizza and cheese are the biggest source of saturated fats. These increases the fat in the body and start getting stored in adipose (fat storing)tissue which increases fat inside body and cause inflammation. Some people get addicted so much specially who live far from home as in hostels and as paying guest that they regular consume and face very serious problems like heart diseases. Fast food, snacks, fried foods, cookies, frozen products. So it is better to avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oils and trans fat in the ingredient labels.

6 Foods That Causes Inflammation - Indiansite

2. Alcohol – Drinks like soda, soft drinks and alcohol contain high amount of sugar and calories than requirement which cause very serious problems like obesity, diabetes depletion of calcium from bones and cause stress to pancreas. As some of the drinks contain sodium which causes dehydration of cells and impair their functioning and soda contains caffeine which in extra amount disturbs sleep cycle and excessive urination and cause great loss of water and dehydration occur.

6 Foods That Causes Inflammation - Indiansite

3. Artificial Additives – These are the substances added in the food to enhance color, aroma, stabilizer, preservative and its flavor of both types natural and synthetic. But synthetic additives are very harmful for body like High fructose corn syrup found in breads, flavored yogurt, salad dressing, canned vegetables and Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is an amino acid used in soups, chips and in frozen dessert. Sodium sulfite found in dried fruit, wines. Potassium bromate found in breads. So avoid the product containing these types of additives to prevent health problems like depression, fatigue , eye damage and cardiac arrest.

6 Foods That Causes Inflammation - Indiansite

4. White Sugar and Sweets – Added sugar is the most worst ingredient. As it increases cholesterol level which increase uric acid, contributor to obesity, causes addiction, cancer, diabetes, disturbs metabolism as it overload the liver with fructose and causes non alcoholic fatty liver disease and mostly teeth get affected as it create cavities in teeth.

6 Foods That Causes Inflammation - Indiansite

5. Wheat Products – Wheat is consumed regularly in the meals but have very adverse affects on the body as it contains wheat protein that is gluten which actually gives elastic properties which increase gut inflammation and damage to gut biome which affects digestibility. On the other hand wheat products contain naturally present sugar in it and also associate with brain problems. Some people have problem of gluten intolerance which causes indigestion of wheat causes allergic reactions cause itchy and also steal nutrients from the body and also causes skin problems. So pay attention before buying products labelled with gluten containing.

6 Foods That Causes Inflammation - Indiansite

6. Dairy Products – Dairy products are very essential for the human body as these are the sources of protein and calcium minerals and include cheese, cream, milk, butter, curd, yogurt. But these are high in fat and increase cholesterol level in the body. But doctors recommend to give these to kids because with the increasing of age lactose intolerance occur in which it is very difficult to digest milk and milk products and disturbs digestive system.

6 Foods That Causes Inflammation - Indiansite

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