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6 Facts About Acne You Didn’t Know!

Acne is a skin condition that affects all age groups. It is most common amongst teenagers and even affects adults. Acne not only affects individuals physically but also inflicts certain amounts of mental stress. With a lot beauty hacks and skin treatment options, one can get confused and end up doing a lot of wrong things. Here are 6 uncommon facts that we have compiled for you.

6 Facts About Acne You Didn't Know!  - Indiansite

Sugar and Pizza – A myth goes around that consuming sugar and oily foods can be harmful and can cause acne. Well, this is completely false. No food can cause acne. The consumption of certain oily foods like fries and processed sugar might sometimes worsen the acne situation.

Pillow Cases – If you are sleeping on the same pillowcase day after day, you might be getting worse breakouts. The basic principle to steer clear of zits and acne is to maintain personal hygiene. For this, you need to change your pillow covers once a week. Your Are sure to notice results.

Exfoliation – A lot of people think that regular exfoliation and scrubbing will remove the gunk from your face and make it clear. Actually, the reverse is true. Excessive exfoliation can irritate your skin and leave it uneven. The best way to treat your skin is to stick to a regular routine of cleansing the skin twice every day with a mild cleanser.

Body Acne – Most people don’t know that body acne might be caused due to the rubbing of clothing against your skin. If you regularly hit the gym and are prone to sweating, make sure to wash your body well and change clothes. If the dirt and germs accumulate, you are prone to acne on various parts of the body,

Mental Stress – Acne and pimples cause mental stress. It is most commonly observed that people suffer of low self esteem and confidence issues. This can sometimes lead to depression among adults. Some adults say that even would prefer wrinkles over acne!

Acne doesn’t define you or your beauty – Being beautiful is more than having a great body and amazing skin. Things change and your acne is not something to worry about. Keep smiling and always be positive.

6 Facts About Acne You Didn't Know!  - Indiansite

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