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’24 Month Mobile Contracts’ – An Option For Customers Or Companies?

This is the age of smartphones. The internet is in our daily routine. Something, we can’t imagine our life without. This technological advancement has sure made all of our lives completely hectic. Work, studies, families, friends and more importantly, social media and the internet has made our life a roller coaster.

'24-Month Mobile Contracts' - An Option For Customers Or Companies? - Indiansite

While juggling between all these things, there are add-ons in the face of bills. Bills bring along a lot of depression. After all, it’s our personal money we are talking about. Mobile bills are something that we don’t pay much attention to. Sounds legitimate, since they do not affect our pockets that much. However, bill payment becomes all more depressing when mobile companies try and exhaust our money.

Recently, users complained that monthly data plans are not that useful. They are rather more expensive than portrayed. A situation was observed when a Vodafone customer was dissatisfied with his ’80 Red 24-month’ mobile contract. Not only did the customer had to pay ‘extra’ money but these add-ons weren’t discussed at the time of plan selection. A month-to-month sim only plan was found to be much more beneficial in his case.

In all honesty, the company was not entirely in the wrong. We, as customers need to be aware of our bills and plans. Here are three points which we should follow in order to manage our monthly mobile data bills.

  1. Choose the right mobile plan.

'24-Month Mobile Contracts' - An Option For Customers Or Companies? - Indiansite

it’s very important to go with the right plan. With hundreds of companies and hundreds of plans in the market, I can easily say that there is no shortage of options. However, choosing the best depends on person to person. Say, someone who is more of an internet guy should look for a plan with great internet benefits. Someone who is more of a texting guy should focus on better texting benefits. Choosing the best from the lot is the real deal breaker.

  1. Monitor your bills.

'24-Month Mobile Contracts' - An Option For Customers Or Companies? - Indiansite

Companies do tend to keep hidden charges. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on our bills. Prepaid customers are entitled to be informed when they have used fifty, eighty-five and one hundred percent of their data. Customers can even check their bill status online. For postpaid customers, it’s best to keep a monthly spending limit.

This limit helps the customers to manage their bills and keep their pockets heavy at the same time. Having a limit also indirectly keeps us away from any kind of possible obsession.

  1. Read the fine print.

'24-Month Mobile Contracts' - An Option For Customers Or Companies? - Indiansite

At the end of the day, it’s all about how much we have earned and how much we have spent. This ratio has to be maintained in order to keep our bills clear. This ratio is best kept when we are aware.

Awareness comes when we actually try and understand things by going deep into the subject. Therefore, while selecting a plan it is important to have read all the conditions carefully. It will be surprising to know, but companies do mention all the add-ons.

However, these add-ons and terms are so small in print that we tend to ignore them. But believe me, they are there for more than filling a page. We should try and interpret everything as it is. This may save us from many unwanted expenditures.

'24-Month Mobile Contracts' - An Option For Customers Or Companies? - Indiansite

It’s even more surprising that we cannot directly blame the companies. because all the information is written. The only problem is ignorance. We need not read between lines but we do need to read the lines. Companies even allow to have a plan change, that is if the customer feels unsatisfied. However, options of this kind are not much publicized. Morally, it’s wrong but technically, it’s good marketing.

Finally, it all comes down to our attentiveness and needs. The fact that we can choose the best according to our needs is what makes the whole difference.

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Anubhooti Jain

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