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20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite
1. Eat Right – Eating habit is the necessary part of our lives. Studies have linked vitamin B with good mental health, and omega-3s may help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Whole-grain carbs help regulate levels of serotonin , the “feel-good” neurotransmitter that helps us remain calm., research suggests that eating sugary and processed foods can increase symptoms of anxiety.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

2. Do yoga or Meditation – Physical activity plays an important part.As yoga and meditation helps in relaxing our mind through which it became easy to throw unnecessary thoughts from mind which causes tension and sometime due to stress a person became aggressive which make person depressed.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

3. Get enough sleep – Inconsistent sleep have some serious consequences on both physical and emotional health.disruptions in sleep has direct contact with the increasing stress and anxiety. So its better to get enough sleep to avoid health problems like dark circles under eye and emotional health like depression. Getting aggressive at small things indicate the lack of sleep.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite
4. Stay away from negative vibes – Negative vibes comes with a negative people due to which a person feel himself as helpless and demotivated. Everyone today get jealous from other ‘s success.so it is better to stay with good and positive company of friends which further motivate and help in cantrolling anger.

5. Surround yourself with positive people – Positive people in surroundings causes the environment to become positive which has a great impact on one ‘s behaviour.Stay positive helps you to prevent problems.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

6. Laughter – Laughter is the best medicine which is available to everyone for free of cost specially, laughing is also come under yoga as to improve one’s mental health conditions. Visualize a happy place which changes your mood and makes you refresh.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite
7. Never keep yourself free – Getting engage yourself in different activities distract you from your different problems and help in prevention of anger, stress. But it is necessary that activities must provide you with knowledge.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

8. Keep yourself indulge in productive work : Not just for distraction or time pass but do work which is meant to be productive which makes yourself happy.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

9. Counselling – increasing emotional problems become the cause of various diseases and imbalance in body functions like stress,anxiety, depression ,severe headache further migraine that causes dark circles,wrinkles ,lack of sleep causes disturbance in sleep cycle and make person fatigue.so its better to control as counselling make sufferer understand and also cause better change which is good for health.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite
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10. Music – Music became best friend in loneliness .it soothes and changes mood quickly which can easily help in control emotions.

11. Avoid anger – Anger is the uncontrollable nature of human  which is not solved so easily by himself which causes feeling of worthlessness as anger also create bad impact on society and causes differences in relations  with humans. Sometimes due to anger person start taking wrong decisions which affects her future badly .

12. Know your best – No one is perfect in this world .everyone has some weak points and strong points. Its good if you recognize your strength and weakness then try to remove weakness by dominating strength .its beneficial to make you a successful person and always stay motivated .

13. Leave your worst – Some weakness in person affect a lot so its better to leave the habits to prevent further problems.some people get so much frustrated that they lose their patience and opt bad habits like drugs ,alcohol which they thought to be pain reliever and best idea to control emotions but that deactivates and slow working of mind causes digestion problems .so never opt bad habits .

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

14. Get courage to face challenges – Always stay positive and motivated which is very important to face life challenges as due to increase in competition in everyone life its very important .

15. Read quotations on positivity : Everyone has different terms of positivity as reading quotations  on positivity attending seminars through which  we get inspiration and make oneself  very strong .every problem has a single solution that is positivity.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite


16. Acupressure – Best way of controlling emotions is acupressure.But for that we must have a knowledge of acupressure points.As it is the easiest way of controlling anger and many diseases can be easily controlled with the help of acupressure.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

17. Pray to God – having faith in god ,always thank to god for everything u have,just believe in him after that you don’t need anyone for support.If God is with you then no one can ever harm you.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

18. Make correct choices – Apart from stress,anger always make logical and correct choices which neither harm you nor your surroundings.

19. Challenge negative core beliefs about the self – from now on wards just think to remove all the negativities from yourself .Its easy to find weakness in others but the most important is to don’t judge others but first try to improve yourself.

20 Ways to Become Emotionally Strong - Indiansite

20. Surrender to your ego – Ego this three letter word is enough to create distances, from your loved ones. So it is better to surrender your ego to God.

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