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10 ways to save your Student Visa

Cancelling visa is turmoil for everyone who is dreaming to settle in Sydney. Breaching visa conditions as well as failing to maintain academic integrity leading international students toward this turmoil slowly slowly. Since last week there a huge gossip related with student visa cancellation is on peak with scaring headlines based on last year’s immigration data. Such rumor, gossip and news reports amplify the heart beats of every student who have breached the visa condition once or on borderline. Most of international students in Sydney have the straightforward goal or roadmap to settlement of career in Aussie cities.

Education, Empowerment & Establishment, these three words are not just limited as three words from English dictionary with particular meaning. These three are the phases of migration today. In such scenario visa cancellation becomes disaster so to avoid this one must careful and clearly understand the conditions he/she must comply. We have already discussed about the SIX conditions for international students in Australia and here are the 10 ways to save your student visa in Australia,

1. Maintain valid enrollment during the Student Visa.

2. Score at least 50% (pass marks) in topics (subjects/units) enrolled.

3. Attend 80% classes (or as per the University rules/regulations).

4. Notify changes in home address, email or phone within 7 days.

5. Do not work more than 20 hours in a week in TAX.

6. Do not change course or education provider in first SIX months minimum.

7. Be insured with OSHC during your Student Visa.

8. Arrange proper schooling for school age children.

9. Do not follow blindly single consultancy or suggestion (ask or seek couples of them), read immigration blog and website.

10. Consult with DIAC (officer) if you wish to change course or education provider or anything else related with your visa. They are to support you or inform you your rights and responsibilities regarding your visa do not think they will catch you and deport.

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