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10 Tweets About Having A Crush

10 Tweets About Having A Crush - IndiansiteHaving a crush is one of the best feelings in the world. Said person is absolutely perfect/greatest human ever etc. Only, life isn’t so simple and the crush, umm, may not know you exist. Almost all of us have been through this fuzzy phase of utterly stupid lovesickness and it is only fair for us to be able to relate to other people on the same boat.

Here are 10 hilarious Tweets about the beautiful process of crushing on someone:

  1. So not conspicuous

  1. Crush who?

  1. Hello awkward my old friend

  1. The neutral expression is a myth when you’ve got a crush

  1. Optimism is key

  1. Just… sort of… waiting for the right moment to introduce myself

  1. You’ve been hit by a smooth criminal

  1. Social media love is a great thing

  1. Maybe yoga can help

  1. Go Ryan Reynolds on your crush

Never let the love die out guys.

Tell us your crush experiences in the comments below!

Hridaya Ajgaonkar

Hridaya Ajgaonkar

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Hridaya Ajgaonkar

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